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My art explores my personal experience of the world. I question and search for meaning in my relationships to family, humanity, and history.

Over the course of my career, I have found answers in sorrow, joy, humor, and wonder expressed through drawing, painting, printmaking, letterpress, collage, and photography. These come together for me in the artist’s book form, the current heart and soul of my work. It provides a forum in which to search for layers of personal understanding and meaning that can sometimes elude me in any single medium.

I enjoy being part of the greater art community through a variety of memberships and other activities, including:

  • Artists in Cellophane, whose Art-o-Mats provide a national outlet for my “Passion Puppets”
  • Artist-in-Residency programs at Fairport High School
  • The Arena Art Group, founded in 1951
  • Bookbinding and Altered Book workshops
  • Ikon-a-Pac (3-D collage from 100% recycled materials) sales at craft show venues; Best in Show at the 2008 Artist’s Row (Rochester Public Market)
  • Instruction and volunteering at the Genesee Center for the Arts
  • Round Robins and Call-and-Response projects with other artists nationally and locally
  • National juried shows (listed in resumé)

Creating art keeps me healthy and sane and I couldn’t live without it.

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Artist's Books
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Bio and Artists Statement

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