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In my career, Iíve thrilled to watch the Artistsí Book form open the door to a wide range of creative possibilities for artists of many ages and skill levels. Through my classes and workshops, I guide students through the concepts and techniques that make the Artistsí Book such a rich vehicle for self expression.

Past programs have included the following:
  • Simple Sewn Bindings
  • Piano Hinge Binding
  • Japanese Stab Binding
  • Editioned Copier Books
  • Spiral Binding
  • Concertina and Accordion Fold Bindings
  • Screw Post Binding
  • The Altered Book
  • The Album
Instruction in other techniques is available upon request and can be developed according to the interests and abilities of a specific group.

A Different Path Gallery, Brockport, NY
The Art Store, Henrietta, NY
Artist in Residencies (2009 & 2010), Fairport High School, Fairport, NY
Printing and Book Arts Center at the Genesee Center for the Arts & Education, Rochester, NY
Community Darkroom at the Genesee Center for the Arts & Education, Rochester, NY
Churchville-Chili High School, Churchville, NY

Artist's Books
Artist's Books
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Teachings & Workshops
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Bio and Artists Statement

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