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Peter Schermerhorn, Copywriter, Etc.
This is where I’m supposed to gush about how great I am. 
Really, I’d rather hear about your project than go on about me. Rather than clutter this page with lists, I prefer to share some of the fun titles my clients have bestowed on me, a.k.a. “marketing differentiators.” (If you must know more, click this link. Lots of lists.) 
    The Engineer Whisperer: “Go talk to the techies and come back and tell us why it matters to customers.” A doc explains pain management, a CPA explains forensic accounting, a jeweler explains CAM lost wax casing. I love interviewing subject matter experts and sharing their enthusiasms with the rest of the world.    
    Decrypter of Acronyms: “The launch team lived with their project for 10 months. Can you penetrate their secret language?” Sometimes you need a disciplined naif to translate the jargon and code words back into fundamental benefits and features.
    Our Content Wrangler: “Here’s the research, the marketing requirements document and some PowerPoints.” Data dump. Sift, sift, sift and voila! A marketing communications brief with ranked key messages that we can use to gain clarity and consensus.

What kind of role do you need me to play? 
To learn how my diverse experiences apply, click here.Professional_Profile_Page_1.htmlContact.htmlshapeimage_1_link_0shapeimage_1_link_1